Remy & Boo

Next Airing: Tuesday, November 30th at 7:30pm

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  • Tuesday, 30 Nov

    7:30 pm

    My Side, Your Side

    Season 1

    Episode 16

  • Tuesday, 30 Nov

    7:45 pm

    Picture This

    Season 1

    Episode 17

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A unique friendship between a little girl and an incredible robot called Boo!

Remy is an adventurous six year old girl with a unique best friend Boo, a big, squishy, pink robot! Fueled by Remy’s indomitable spirit and Boo’s can-do attitude, their days in Dolphin Bay are filled with new adventures both big and small powered by two incredible imaginations. Through heartwarming, humorous and inventive storytelling, our characters discover their place in the world and that there is no greater power, than the power of friendship!


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