Meet Matt, Jia, Emma and Tim. These four students at Edwin Doolittle Elementary School may look like ordinary kids, but these friends are anything but. That’s because when animals around the world get into trouble, something incredible happens! Matt, Jia, Emma and Tim receive a special signal on their high-tech backpacks, alerting them to the trouble. Now the friends put their ordinary school life on hold and leap into action, transforming into an extraordinary rescue team known as the Petronix Defenders!

There’s nowhere these mighty heroes won’t go to rescue an animal in trouble. They might race away to Antarctica to save a polar bear floating away from her mama on a tiny chunk of iceberg. Or speed off to Bali to rescue a beached baby blue whale. Or zoom to China to save a tiger family whose home has been destroyed by a sudden storm. Wherever Petronix Defenders go and whatever their mission, Matt, Jia, Emma and Tim know one thing is always true… Animal problems need animal solutions! That’s why the team counts on some very special pets to help them on all of their rescues — incredible android animals known as Petronic Pets.

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