Little Bear

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  • Monday, 31 Jan

    6:30 pm

    Like a Flower

    Season 1

    Episode 24

  • Monday, 31 Jan

    6:40 pm

    The Last Laugh

    Season 1

    Episode 25

  • Monday, 31 Jan

    6:50 pm

    No Blues For Pompon

    Season 1

    Episode 26

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Adding a bit of extra to the ordinary…

Why catch fish with your paw when you can fool them with a multicoloured salmon disguise? Why cross the river on foot when you can cross it on a raft of petals? Why sweep away the dust with a broom when you can chase it away in a game? It’s  true...  Why  do  we  always  have  to  do  our  daily  chores  the  same  way?  And  above  all,  why  do  them  out of duty when we could turn them into a pleasure? Pompon has found HIS way around the problem! He does everything he is asked (and more!) while having fun:  washing  his  fangs,  filing  his  claws,  learning  botany,  making  his  little  bed  of  moss...  His only condition: that he’s allowed to do things by himself like a big bear (it’s time for his parents to realise that he’s no longer a baby) and to do them HIS way.


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