Adding a bit of extra to the ordinary of little bear…

Why catch fish with your paw when you can fool them with a multicoloured salmon disguise? Why cross the river on foot when you can cross it on a raft of petals? Why sweep away the dust with a broom when you can chase it away in a game? It’s  true...  Why  do  we  always  have  to  do  our  daily  chores  the  same  way?  And  above  all,  why  do  them  out of duty when we could turn them into a pleasure?

Pompon has found HIS way around the problem! He does everything he is asked (and more!) while having fun. Washing  his  fangs,  filing  his  claws,  learning  botany,  making  his  little  bed  of  moss. His only condition is that he’s allowed to do things by himself like a big bear (it’s time for his parents to realise that he’s no longer a baby) and to do them HIS way.


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