Jeremy and Jazzy

Jeremy and Jazzy on Tiny Pop!


There’s a story in every song!

Follow the musical road to the foot of Tin Pan Valley and you’ll find Creation Station: a music studio and outdoor concert stage where Jeremy, Jazzy, Stu, Tunebug, and the Kids-At-Home make music.

Designed in the shape of a ukulele jutting naturally out of a mountain, Creation Station is a large, open, sun-lit studio filled with instruments and possibility. Offering ample space for Jeremy and Jazzy to collaborate, the band to dance, and Tunebug to zip in and out, Creation Station is the ideal home for music and creativity.

Then, jump into Tunebug and follow the musical road as far as inspiration will take you to discover Destination Imagination, the magical world where the characters in Jeremy and Jazzy’s songs come to life in Story-Song adventures.

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