Barbie and Barbie discover a mysterious baby Pegasus on the beach in Malibu and work to find out where the magical horse came from. While they try to find out how to get little Peggy home, Barbie and Barbie, with the help of Malibu’s sisters and best friend Ken, have to protect their four-legged friend from a Glyph, the fantastical creature that followed Peggy in hopes of stealing the little horse’s wings.

Join Barbie, Barbie and friends as they discover that magic really is all around us!

The MiniWhats are a joyful gang of six friends. Like most kids, they use drawing as a way of finding answers to their everyday life questions… But to do so, they use a magic pencil, bringing all their sketches to life! What a lucky bunch! Their imagination and creativity drag them into hilarious adventures, and their team spirit always get them out of the most unexpected situations.

The MiniWhats: what if you could draw your own adventures?

Meet Billy, the Cowboy Hamster!

Growing up in the Wild West and raised on the exciting stories told by his father, Billy with his cowboy outfit has a burning desire to hit the trail! And since every new day offers an opportunity to go on an adventure worthy of the greatest cowboys, he is determined not to miss out… He takes with him his faithful friend Jean-Claude and his accomplice Suzie and off they go!

Go! Go! Cory Carson features Cory, a little kid car with an engine that runs on fun! Cory and his family live in Bumperton Hills, a charming neighborhood filled with lively characters of all different makes and models.

While navigating the winding roads of childhood, Cory’s eager and playful spirit sometimes veer him off course. Luckily his friends and family are always there to get Cory back on track!

When one of Hello Kitty’s friends finds themselves in difficulty, she is ready to help out. Even better she has her best buddy Haroshee to help her out. Together they make a great team and can solve any problem!

When Hello Kitty chooses to help out a friend, she goes through a cool transformation moment where she changes her outfit to suit her role in the story: explorer, detective, chef, singstar… These new styles don’t give her actual super powers, but they give her the confidence to tackle any problem. Hello Kitty shows it’s up to anyone to decide who they want to be!

Join Hello Kitty and all of her friends on their adventures in Cherry Town!

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There’s a story in every song!

Follow the musical road to the foot of Tin Pan Valley and you’ll find Creation Station: a music studio and outdoor concert stage where Jeremy, Jazzy, Stu, Tunebug, and the Kids-At-Home make music.

Designed in the shape of a ukulele jutting naturally out of a mountain, Creation Station is a large, open, sun-lit studio filled with instruments and possibility. Offering ample space for Jeremy and Jazzy to collaborate, the band to dance, and Tunebug to zip in and out, Creation Station is the ideal home for music and creativity.

Then, jump into Tunebug and follow the musical road as far as inspiration will take you to discover Destination Imagination, the magical world where the characters in Jeremy and Jazzy’s songs come to life in Story-Song adventures.

Follow Elmo and Tango as they search for clues and help their Sesame Street friends solve mysteries!

Meet Matt, Jia, Emma and Tim. These four students at Edwin Doolittle Elementary School may look like ordinary kids, but these friends are anything but. That’s because when animals around the world get into trouble, something incredible happens! Matt, Jia, Emma and Tim receive a special signal on their high-tech backpacks, alerting them to the trouble. Now the friends put their ordinary school life on hold and leap into action, transforming into an extraordinary rescue team known as the Petronix Defenders!

There’s nowhere these mighty heroes won’t go to rescue an animal in trouble. They might race away to Antarctica to save a polar bear floating away from her mama on a tiny chunk of iceberg. Or speed off to Bali to rescue a beached baby blue whale. Or zoom to China to save a tiger family whose home has been destroyed by a sudden storm. Wherever Petronix Defenders go and whatever their mission, Matt, Jia, Emma and Tim know one thing is always true… Animal problems need animal solutions! That’s why the team counts on some very special pets to help them on all of their rescues — incredible android animals known as Petronic Pets.

Catch a ride with the Mighty Express — a team of trains and their kid friends who overcome trouble on the tracks with quick thinking and teamwork!

Welcome to Tracksville, where, in a playful, quirky world crisscrossed by railway tracks, a team of trains and their kid best-buddies keep things moving. They get the deliveries through no matter what the trouble – one thrilling adventure after another! These special trains all have their own roles/duties within Tracksville, and their own individual set of tools and cargo cars helping them zoom toward a common goal: delivering carloads of fun – big time, on time, every time. In this show the journey is just as exciting as getting to your destination. You never know what’s just over the hill!

Mush-Mush and the Mushables are putting the fun back into fungi!

Mush-Mush and his friends are tiny guardians of the forest who go on adventures in a wondrous and wild world of nature! Join them as they learn about their unique abilities, have fun, and find there’s a lot to learn about growing up!