Transformers Rescue Bots

Next Airing: Sunday, 26 March

Upcoming Airings of Transformers Rescue Bots

Sunday, 26 Mar
Four-legged Hero
Season 3
Episode 21
Sunday, 26 Mar
Endangered Species
Season 3
Episode 22
Sunday, 26 Mar
Doctor Morocco Pt 1
Season 1
Episode 112
Sunday, 26 Mar
Vanishing Returns
Season 4
Episode 406
Monday, 27 Mar
Did You See What I Thaw?
Season 3
Episode 11


Heatwave Transformers Rescue Bots
  • Meet Blades
  • Meet Chase
  • Meet Boulder from Transformers Rescue Bots


Heatwave is the team leader of the Rescue Bots. He’s a great leader and cares deeply for his team, but dreams of one day joining Team Prime. No blaze is too strong for his armour, which has water cannons and a fireman’s axe. Heatwave’s rescue vehicle is a fire engine.