Transformers Rescue Bots

Next Airing: Thursday, 23 March

Upcoming Airings of Transformers Rescue Bots

Thursday, 23 Mar
Bugs In The System
Season 3
Episode 7
Thursday, 23 Mar
Season 3
Episode 8
Friday, 24 Mar
Hot Rod Bot
Season 4
Episode 414
Friday, 24 Mar
Bot-tastic Voyage
Season 3
Episode 9
Friday, 24 Mar
Quarry Vs. Quarry
Season 3
Episode 10


Meet Boulder from Transformers Rescue Bots
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Boulder is a construction-bot in the Transformers Rescue Bots team. He is huge and powerful, which really helps him to be the Rescue Bots’ engineer. His human partner is Graham Burns, who has become his great friend. From the flowers to the animals of Earth, this tough Rescue Bot can’t get enough of nature.