Which character is not in the Tiny Pop Christmas song?

It's Christmas on Tiny Pop, and to celebrate we are giving you the chance to win a huge bundle of fabulous My Little Pony Prizes! 

One lucky winner will win: 1x Crystal Empire Castle, 1x Glamour Glow Rarity, 1x Glowing Hearts Princess Cadance, 1x Friendship Express Train, 1x Single Pony, 1x Twilight Sparkle’s Golden Oak Library, 1 x Manehattan Playset and 1x one year subscription to My Little Pony Magazine.    

One runner up will win: 1 x My Little Pony Creative Colouring Book and 1 x Panini My Little Pony album and sticker pack. 

All you have to do is watch the Tiny Pop Christmas Song on Tiny Pop TV or online and tell us which of the below characters does not appear in the video.  

Tiny Pop Christmas Competition
Tiny Pop Christmas Competition
Answer 3
Answer 4
Answer 5
Answer 6