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Upcoming Airings of Trucktown

Thursday, 19 Jan
Hide And Go Smash
Season 1
Episode 6
Thursday, 19 Jan
Green Light Green Light
Season 1
Episode 7
Thursday, 19 Jan
Trucktown's Tricky Track
Season 1
Episode 1
Thursday, 19 Jan
Dash And Smash
Season 1
Episode 2
Thursday, 19 Jan
Truck And Roll
Season 1
Episode 3


Meet Melvin the cement truck
  • Jack the flatbed truck
  • Meet Max the monster truck
  • Meet Dan the dump truck
  • Pete the payloader
  • Gabby the garbage truck
  • Meet Big Rig from Trucktown
  • Meet Felix from Trucktown


Melvin the mixer is a cement truck. He has a nervous disposition and tends to over-think things. He is nervous and negative so can often be found hiding. He is very neat so enjoys cleaning.

Favourite phrase: “Let’s think about this”