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Upcoming Airings of Trucktown

Wednesday, 26 Oct
Get Max To The Moon
Season 1
Episode 21
Wednesday, 26 Oct
Help Us Ted
Season 1
Episode 22
Wednesday, 26 Oct
How To Train Your Lawnmower
Season 1
Episode 17
Wednesday, 26 Oct
Trucktown Rodeo
Season 1
Episode 19
Wednesday, 26 Oct
The Three Truketeers
Season 1
Episode 23


Meet Dan the dump truck
  • Jack the flatbed truck
  • Meet Max the monster truck
  • Pete the payloader
  • Gabby the garbage truck
  • Meet Big Rig from Trucktown
  • Meet Melvin the cement truck
  • Meet Felix from Trucktown


Dan the dump truck is reliable and always likes to have a plan. Being loyal, wise and honest means he is a friend you can always rely on. He loves rough and tumble play but is a hard worker too.

Favourite phrase: “Noooo problem”